Case Study: KiS Marketing


Reseller Hosting


KiS Marketing – a design and marketing agency based in Farnham


KiS Marketing is an integrated design and marketing agency supporting a range of organisations across the country. Part of their offering is the management of client websites and email hosting.

As the client base has grown, the business found it increasingly challenging having to deal with multiple hosting providers. In addition, when a problem did occur with a client’s hosting, KIS were often faced with lengthy delays to solving the problem and poor customer service.

With so much time being wasted and a potentially detrimental impact on client relationships, KiS needed a solution that would give them greater control over their clients’ hosting and enable them to manage this in a single consolidated environment.


KiS’s first action was to contact their own hosting provider, HOST100, to enquire about reseller hosting. HOST100 had an impeccable record of responding instantly to any issues, offered brilliant server uptime and, most importantly, a personable service.

At the time, HOST100 didn’t offer reseller hosting, which forced KiS to approach another provider. It quickly became clear that the cost implications of using HOST100 for KiS’s hosting and an external provider for their clients’ hosting did not make sense. As such, KiS made the decision to move their hosting away completely from HOST100 and over to a new provider – one that offered reseller hosting.

A few weeks in with their new provider and it was clear that KiS had made a mistake. Although their clients’ hosting was now accessible in one environment, the customer service was unsatisfactory, server uptime was poor, the support technicians were incredibly inexperienced and the company often sugar-coated any internal errors if something went wrong. On top of this, they had to raise a support ticket whenever a problem arose, which often took 48 hours for a response.

Fortunately for KiS, it wasn’t long before HOST100 launched their own reseller hosting package. For KiS, it was a no-brainer to migrate their hosting back over to HOST100.


HOST100 remain KiS’s reliable, secure and friendly hosting provider. Both KiS and their clients benefit from an unrivalled server uptime, fantastic customer service and instant response to any technical issues.


“I’ve dealt with a lot of hosting providers and I’ve learnt that accessible customer service is key. HOST100, are by far the best provider I’ve had the pleasure of dealing with.”

“Mark and the team truly go above and beyond to resolve any issues. I can call them up, be put straight through to either Mark or Martin and have the problem resolved there and then, unlike most providers that require you to raise a support ticket and wait 48 hours for a response.  Even if it’s a simple question, they’re always there when I need them. And not forgetting their brilliant server uptime; in the 13 years I’ve worked with HOST100, I’ve rarely encountered a problem, and when I have, HOST100 were working to resolve it even before I was even aware of it.”