"It's refreshing to find such a reliable, attentive and service-oriented Web hosting company."
Mark Craft
"They always have time for me, and I have never asked a question they couldn't answer!"
Jim Clarke
Foremarke Hall Transport Group
"I have been using HOST100 for over 6 years now, always a great service and the support and help they offer is second to none. Excellent!"
Robert Crook
Raven Design
"Service is second to none! Always so helpful and any problem is always resolved quickly and efficiently."
Michelle Davies
"Could not have been more helpful and efficient. HOST100 really looks after it's customers."
Michael Briant
"Incredible service!! Excellent advice to recommend different email solutions to solve the issues. The new account was set up instantly and this has solved the email issues for the client."
Nick Muir
Principal Systems

Want Features?

From simple web hosting plans to our VPS packages, all come fully packed features and are scalable to meet your needs.

All Plans Include:

Comprehensive SLAs

Regular Backups

Multi-domain Hosting

Guaranteed Uptime

Migration Support

What is Migration Support?

Stuck with a useless hosting provider? You don't have to be!

Our support team are happy to help you throughout your migration as a fully inclusive part of our service. We'll help get everything set up the way you like it, and running smoothly for a fresh start.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a VPS?

A Virtual Private Server (VPS) is where physical server resources are shared between multiple seperate 'virtual' servers. Each of the virtual servers are allocated dedicated portions of the resources and run the same operating systems and behave exactly as a physical server would. The benefits of this configuration are scalability; resources can be increased or decreased as required, and availability; virtual servers can automatically move to another physical server if there is a failure.

Coupling this technology with cloud computing, we are able to provide your own VPS in the cloud that you can access from anywhere via the Internet. You will be able to access all the features you would expect from a dedicated server, including remote desktop services, without having to invest in dedicated server equipment and installation.

What virtualisation technology does Host100 use?

Our Virtual Private Servers are powered by Microsoft Hyper-V Server 2008 and run Microsoft Windows Server 2008. They behave exactly like a stand-alone server would do for both users and applications.

Which operating systems do you use on your servers?

We are a Microsoft Partner and Windows hosting specialists. The operating system we trust on our servers is Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2. Due to high-demand, we are currently adding Linux servers to the datacentre to offer Linux hosting in the near future.

Can I purchase additional RAM or diskspace for my VPS?

Yes, we allow you to purchase additional RAM and diskspace during the sign up process, or upgrade at anytime during your plan.

Do you provide telephone support?

Yes we do. Our hours of operation are stated on the contact us page of our website, please have your account details to hand, as well as the answer to your security question.

Do you provide fully managed VPS services?

By default all our VPS packages are provided with basic support during our work hours with no additional cost. Though we allow you to benefit further by opting for our fully managed add-on. This ensures that your VPS experience is fully stress free, and our support team are there to handle maintenance and monitoring of your server. You can purchase our fully managed add-on for your VPS, you can do so with an additional cost from £75.00 / month. This can be done either at the time of registration of your VPS or at anytime during the plan.

Why don't you offer 'unlimited' storage?

As we're sure you know - some hosts may offer 'unlimited' storage. The reason why we don't offer or advertise 'unlimited' disk space is very simple... Because it is NOT possible. If you read the small print (usually in the T&Cs) you’ll find that it’s only unlimited until you go over their 'normal site usage'

With HOST100, your account's disk space resources are guaranteed when you purchase. We DO NOT overload our servers, instead of being "unlimited" and incurring hefty fines, you are only responsible for paying for the resources you use.

How long does it take for a VPS account to be set up?

Your VPS is automatically provisioned as soon as your order is complete, our system will send you credentials to login and use your VPS. In addition to this, we manually configure our included control panel software on each VPS, this is processed within our business working hours.

What's the minimum contract?

Our web hosting plans are flexible and the minimum contract period is only one month. If there is a sudden change in demand for your site, you can make changes to your account at any time. We do offer discounts for services purchased for 12 months, so to get the best value look at the annual billing options.

Do I get email with my VPS?

All our VPS packages include email addresses/mailboxes as standard. Simply log into the control panel and create and modify the accounts and addresses in the mail section.

Which control panel is offered to manage my VPS?

The control panel we use is WebsitePanel, which is a popular choice for Microsoft Windows based hosting. It allows us to automatically provision our hosting services, so you can get instant access to set up websites, email and more.

Where are your servers located?

All our servers are located within a secure eco-friendly datacentre the UK. For more information on our datacentre, click here.

Do your prices include VAT?

All prices exclude VAT except where stated.

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