"It's refreshing to find such a reliable, attentive and service-oriented Web hosting company."
Mark Craft
"They always have time for me, and I have never asked a question they couldn't answer!"
Jim Clarke
Foremarke Hall Transport Group
"I have been using HOST100 for over 6 years now, always a great service and the support and help they offer is second to none. Excellent!"
Robert Crook
Raven Design
"Service is second to none! Always so helpful and any problem is always resolved quickly and efficiently."
Michelle Davies
"Could not have been more helpful and efficient. HOST100 really looks after it's customers."
Michael Briant
"Incredible service!! Excellent advice to recommend different email solutions to solve the issues. The new account was set up instantly and this has solved the email issues for the client."
Nick Muir
Principal Systems

Want Features?

From simple web hosting plans to our VPS packages, all come fully packed features and are scalable to meet your needs.

All Plans Include:

Comprehensive SLAs

Regular Backups

Multi-domain Hosting

Guaranteed Uptime

Migration Support

What is Migration Support?

Stuck with a useless hosting provider? You don't have to be!

Our support team are happy to help you throughout your migration as a fully inclusive part of our service. We'll help get everything set up the way you like it, and running smoothly for a fresh start.

Some facts about about the Web.

The Internet is a complex grid linking billions of computers worldwide. Most people use their computers to browse web sites, but there are other computers that are specially created to send web site data - these are called servers. When you're browsing a web site, your computer sends out a request a specific server to in turn receive the relevant web site data - the server then sends back the web site data to your browser, and your web browser deduces them and displays them on your monitor.

Where we come in.

At HOST100, We specialise in running these servers. When you purchase a web hosting account from us - you essentially own a small portion of that server which in turn powers your site. We take all the hard work out of it for you by ensuring that the server software is kept secure and up-to-date, and we provide you with the tools you need to get your site online which are all accessible from our hosting control panel. What we do then is ensure that your site loads as fast as possible and that it's online - continually. We monitor our systems 24/7 to keep close tabs on how our servers and network are performing, and we have a great team, ready to respond to any potential problem that might occur, or to give you a hand keeping your site online.

A home for your website.

Even the building where the servers are kept has been designed to minimise the chance of web sites going offline. Varied power feeds, backed by emergency batteries and generators ensure the servers have an uninterrupted source of power regardless of any surges or failures in the mains supply. The air in the server rooms is chilled and purified to ensure that servers run cool and remain free from dust that could cause malfunction.

The servers are also connected to multiple Internet connections to ensure that there is always a route for the data to take should one of those network connections fail. Finally, the building has high levels of security and defenses against natural disasters to ensure the servers remain safe and secure.

All this for a few pounds a a month!

It doesn't cost much to give your site the best home on the web. Some of our hosting plans equate to less than 17 pence per day, and are more than suitable for the busiest of sites, what else can you buy for that these days? If you are looking to add even more value, we can meet the needs of even the most demanding web sites with our hosting services.

What next? Compare Windows and Linux Hosting Plans

See below for the differences between Windows and Linux Web Hosting. Have a read and click on the links below to view the available plans.

Choosing between Windows and Linux Hosting Plans

Here at HOST100 we are now providing the increasingly popular Linux hosting. The one you choose will depend on the framework your website requires. If you are unsure as to which type of hosting you require, see below for the basic differences.

Windows Hosting

  • Use ASP or ASP.NET

  • Micorosoft SQL Server (MS SQL).

If you plan on installing a Web application, check with the developer to check the language used to create the application. ASP.NET application typically require some programming on your computer before you can use the application online.

Click here to see our Windows Hosting Plans

Linux Hosting

  • Use PHP, Perl, Python, or CGI scripting

  • mySQL Server

If you plan on installing a Web application to blog, podcast, or create a shopping cart, check with the developer to check the language used to create the application. There are many applications such as Wordpress and Joomla that require PHP and are ideal for use on any of our Linux Hosting plans.

Click here to see our Linux Hosting Plans

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Technology Partners